Karlsruhe Service Summit | Research Workshop

Karlsruhe Service Summit Workshop February 26th, 2015 - Program

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Thank you very much for the inspiring workshop!


The objective of the workshop was to foster academic and interdisciplinary discourse and networking amongst different generations of researchers from the field of service science. With more than 80 participants from various countries we stimulated discussions of ideas as well as dialogue among students and researchers from different countries, disciplines and seniority.

The KSS Workshop Proceedings are available here: KSS2015-Proceedings.pdf.


Time Title
09.00 Registration starts

Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel, KSRI Director


Tutorial Session 1 (Tutorial and Talk)
1) Talk: SPARQL1.1 Updates and Entailment, Prof. Dr. Axel Polleres, WU Wien
2) Tutorial: Introduction to OPL
, Dr. Hans Schlenker, IBM


Tutorial Session 2 (Two Parallel Tutorials)
1) Empirical Economic Research and KD2-Lab, Dr. Jella Pfeiffer, KIT
2) Using OPL and SPSS, Dr. Hans Schlenker, KIT

14.00 Paper Session 1 (see details below)
15.30 Coffee
16.00 Paper Session 2 (see details below)
17.45 Wrap-Up Session by chairs
18.30 Social Event in the "Badisch Brauhaus"




Paper Session 1 (2pm)

Energy and Mobility Services 

Marian Hayn, Valentin Bertsch
and Wolf Fichtner

A concept for service level indicators in residential electricity tariffs with variable capacity prices
Alexander Schuller, Florian Salah,
Christian Will and Christoph M. Flath
Quality of Service Product Differentiation in Smart Grids
Jan Scheurenbrand, Christian Engel,
Florin Peters and Niklas Kühl
Holistically Defining E-Mobility: A Modern Approach to Systematic Literature Reviews

Healthcare Services and Logistics

A.G. Leeftink, R.J. Boucherie,
E.W. Hans, M.A.M. Verdaasdonk,
I.M.H. Vliegen and P.J. Van Diest
Histopathology laboratory operations analysis and improvement
José Ferrão, Mónica Duarte Oliveira,
Filipe Janela and Henrique Martins
Predicting length of stay and assignment of diagnosis codes during hospital inpatient episodes
Anne Zander Panel Management in Medical Practices 

Social Collaboration and Service Innovation

Christoph Fuchs, Jan Hauffa
and Georg Groh
Does Friendship Matter? An Analysis of Social Ties and Content Relevance in Twitter and Facebook
Claudia Niemeyer, Astrid Hellmanns,
Timm Teubner and Christof Weinhardt
Combining Crowdfunding and Budget Allocation on Participation Platforms
Lucas Schwarz, Niels Feldmann Towards a Taxonomy for Crowdfunding Platforms

Semantic Web Technologies and Web Services

Maria-Esther Vidal and Simon Castillo Enhancing Interoperability of Web APIs with LAV Views
Pieter Colpaert and Ruben Verborgh Bottom-up Web APIs with self-descriptive responses
Felix Leif Keppmann and
Maria Maleshkova
Towards Pervasive Web API-based Systems


Paper Session 2 (4pm)

Energy and Mobility Services

Martin Epp, Eda Özden, Benedikt Fuß,
Jiaqi Chen and Kai Furmans
Discrete time analysis of automated storage and retrieval systems
Philipp Ströhle and Johannes Gärttner A Note on Consumer Flexibility in Car-sharing 
Christopher Lisson, Wibke Michalk
and Roland Görlitz
Evaluating services in mobility markets: A business model approach


Healthcare Services and Logistics

John Blake and Matthew Hardy Modelling Exchanges in a National Blood System
Diana F. Lopes, Mónica D. Oliveira
and Carlos A. Bana E Costa
A MACBETH-Choquet Direct Approach to Evaluate Interdependent Health Impacts
Judith Stoll A decomposition approach for the analysis of discrete-time queuing networks with finite buffers

Social Collaboration and Service Innovation

Björn Schmitz, Ralf Gitzel,
Hansjörg Fromm, Thomas Setzer
and Alf Isaksson
What is “Industrial Service”? A Discussion Paper
Ronny Schueritz Total service experience as a function of service experiences in service systems
Jella Pfeiffer and Dirk Ducar
Conversion Centered Personalization – a Data Driven Approach to Service Design

Semantic Web Technologies and Web Services

Lukas Brückner, Simon Caton

and Margeret Hall

FBWatch: Extracting, Analyzing and Visualizing Public Facebook Profiles
Markus Krause Stylometry-based Fraud and Plagiarism Detection for Learning at Scale