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Paper Proceedings

David Dauer, Frederik vom Scheidt, Christof Weinhardt
Towards smart distribution grids: a structured market engineering review
Lars-Peter Lauven, Johannes Schmidt
Comparing flexibility options on the supply and demand side of the German electricity market
Carola Stryja, Verena Dorner
Choice design as key to technology adoption
Benedikt Höckmayr
Enabling companies to make use of industrial clouds - Foundations for evidence-based engineering of service systems
Stefan Zander, Yingbing Hua
Utilizing ontological classification systems and reasoning for cyber-physical systems
Mehdi Terdjimi, Lionel Médini, Michael Mrissa
Towards a meta-model for context in the web of things
Christofer F. Daiberl, Angela Roth, Kathrin M. Möslein
Towards perceived service interaction productivity: a proposed conceptual model
Martin Epp, Paolo Pagani, Judith Stoll, Sebastian Scherer, Carsten Rohleder, Kai Furmans
Performance evaluation of closed-loop logistics systems with generally distributed service times
Marco Husmann, Dominik Kolz
A smart service for the rheumatologica care: healthcare platform RhePort.de
Jiawei Cui, Plamen Kiradjiev, Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen
A machine learning approach for brain tissue recognition of human brain slice images
Astrid Hellmanns, Claudia Niemeyer, Margeret Hall, Tom Zentek, Christof Weinhardt
Towards a requirement framework for online participation platforms
Claudia Niemeyer, Thomas Wagenknecht, Christof Weinhardt
Emotional arousal effects in participatory budgeting decisions
Charlotte Mewiadomsky, Ingela Tietze
Requirements on a service tool to foster demand-side-management under chanigng climate conditions
Roland Schütze
Sourcing strategies for virtualized services: in intuitionistic fuzzy risk-based approach
Tobias Weller, Maria Maleshkova
Towards a process meta-model
Daniel Gartner, Rema Padman
Length of stay outlier detection through cluster analysis: a case study in pediatrics
Anne Zander
Modeling indirect waiting times with an M/D/1/K/N queue
Melanie Reuter-Oppermann, Christiane Bernath
German data sets for comparing ambulance location models
Tim Straub, Florian Hawlitschek, Christof Weinhardt
Towards a guideline for conducting economic experiments on amazon's mechanical turk
Simon Kloker, Tobias Kranz, Tim Straub, Christof Weinhardt
Shouldn't collaboration be social? - Proposal of a social Real Time Delphi
Axel Ensslen, Till Gnann, Joachim Globisch, Patrick Plötz, Patrick Jochem, Wolf Fichtner
Willingness to pay for e-mobility services: a case study from Germany
Stephan Meisel, Tanja Merfeld
Efficient use of renewable energy with storage and e-mobility service
Christian Engel, Jan Haude, Niklas Kühl
Business model clustering: a network-based approach in the field of e-mobility services




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